Horuida company direct recruitment of the following positions:

1.  Sheet Metal Workshop Recruitment of 6 workers, 2 Tower Chong, bending operators, requirements: Male, under 35 years old, can learn technology. 

2. Grinder (angle grinder, pneumatic grinder) , Male, age under 53.

3. Recruit Argon Arc welder (aluminum) , salary negotiable.

4. spray workshop recruitment workers, the main work: male workers (under 53 years old) , pendant, pick-up, wash plate, loading.

5. Recruitment Design 2, have relevant work experience. The terms are negotiable.

6. Office Clerk 1, requires proficiency in office software.

All the above posts are provided with room and board.

ADDRESS: Haoruida Company, 3rd branch of Lutai Economic Development Zone