Hao Ruida (Tangshan) Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is invested by Beijing Hao Ruida Haifan Decoration Material Co., Ltd. in Hebei Tangshan Lutai Economic Development Zone. It covers an area of 100 mu and a building area of 89 thousand square meters. The main products are aluminum ceilings, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb boards, copper and other new metal materials. 

Our products are mainly used in the airport, high-speed rail, urban rail transit construction and decoration, cultural centers, libraries, museums, hospitals, office buildings and other exterior walls and interior decoration. 

Hailida (Tangshan) decoration materials Co., Ltd., adhering to the essence of quality ceiling and curtain wall panels. Its production base is located in Tangshan Lutai Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 100000. Hao Ruida is the pioneer of the domestic metal ceiling, with 15 years of professional design and rich professional experience in the production of ceiling, curtain wall panels, and more than 1 million square meters of production and processing capacity.


Covering an area of 100000 ㎡

8.9 Ten thousand ㎡

The building area is 89000 m2

15 +

Fifteen years of professional design


More than 100 ㎡ production and processing capacity

Hao Rui Da (Tangshan) Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is an excellent and international manufacturer of building materials. It provides a wide range of metal decorative materials to all parts of the world, especially in China. Its products cover almost all metal square boards, aluminum grilles, aluminum square, non-standard molded ceiling, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb boards, etc. Inorganic ceramic spraying aluminum plate and wood grain aluminum plate. Including: a variety of interior wall aluminum, cylindrical aluminum, and a variety of special-shaped aluminum copper door copper art, all kinds of metal carving punching, sunshade shutters and other decorative materials, a variety of supporting keel accessories.

"Create your creativity into reality" is our outstanding professional design and processing team unremitting pursuit. Professional cooperation with the building for a variety of ceiling ceiling series modeling and process structure of the deepening design, while with the help of perfect production equipment and strict ISO quality control system, making the various architectural ideas of the metal ceiling curtain wall structure to break through the material and process constraints and appear in the architectural decoration practice.

"Honesty, professionalism" and "Holiday" will make unremitting efforts and pursuit in the 21st century, fulfill their responsibilities for the harmony and colorfulness of the motherland, and create better performance and good reputation in metal ceilings and curtain panels.

Haoruida advantage

Put your ideas into reality.

Make your ideas a reality

The specialty cooperates with the building to carry out the deepening design of various ceiling series modeling and process structure

quality monitoring system

Perfect production equipment and strict ISO quality monitoring system

The metal ceiling curtain wall structure of various schemes in architectural thought can break through the limitations of materials and technology and appear in architectural decoration practice.