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The perfect product solution is derived from the perfect deep design and cannot be separated from the professional technical support. This is the comprehensive technical service that Horida can provide customers, and it is also the core competitiveness of Horida, so as to serve customers The products and services provided can be perfect and perfect, giving every customer of Jinba the best service experience.


(1) Deepen the design

——Optimize and complete the design plan according to customer requirements to achieve the best structure and the most ideal effect.


Haorida has a professional R&D team and design team, which can provide owners and designers with product design solutions in the professional field and related technical consultations during the preliminary consultation phase of the project or during the construction process, so as to ensure that customers get the most complete Product solutions.


Design Flow:

1. Understand the needs: communicate with Party A and the architect in time, learn to understand the design concept and decoration style, as well as the technical parameter requirements of the product and structure.

2 Survey site: Carefully survey the site to understand and master the structural characteristics, spatial characteristics, interfaces and closing relationships of the building.

3 Preliminary plan: complete the preliminary design plan based on customer needs, architect's ideas and site conditions.

4 Plan improvement: conduct multi-modal and multi-channel communication with Party A, architects and construction contractors on the preliminary plan, timely feedback information from all parties, and constantly modify and improve; at the same time, repeated calculations and demonstrations of the system structure load, and final approval , Complete the deepening design plan.

5 Data measurement: Use professional tools to measure and extract the data of each part of the building space. After repeated testing and approval, the data is entered into the computer database.

6 Fitting modeling: professional software simulates the establishment of a three-dimensional model, performs surface fitting, and completes the board surface segmentation. (Suitable for extremely complex or multi-dimensional curved surfaces in special buildings).

7 Drafting and ordering: Extract the exact size of each panel of the finish from the model, draw product layout drawings and parts drawings, prepare a list, and enter the manufacturing process.


(2) Technical support

——Provide customers with professional on-site installation technical guidance throughout the process.


Haorida has a number of engineering management centers and consultant teams across the country to provide meticulous technical guidance for construction units, and provide high-quality and efficient engineering technical support for various regional engineering projects. As long as you need it, our technicians will Rush to the scene to solve the problem in the first time.


Technical support process:

1. Familiar with the plan: the on-site technical support personnel understand and be familiar with the in-depth design plan and product type of the project in advance;

2. Familiar with the scene: repeatedly survey the scene, understand the architectural style and structural characteristics, and memorize the situation of each part and the interface relationship between different finishes;

3. Training clarification: Technical clarification with construction contractor technical staff and construction team, combined with drawings to explain in detail the design plan and installation steps, product features, installation precautions and maintenance methods, etc.;

4. Compilation plan: assist the construction contractor to compile the construction and installation plan of the major, and assist in the formulation of the construction plan according to the characteristics of the plan;

5. Model installation: assist and guide the installation of the project model (section) before the large-scale construction and installation starts;

6. Installation guidance: Assist and guide the large-area construction and installation of products and quality supervision throughout the whole process, timely deal with technical problems of on-site products, and assist in completing the process interface and closing solutions between different professions.

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