Features of aluminum honeycomb panel

The center is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb with a low density (about 3-7 kg per square meter), which is 1/5 of the weight of the same thickness and the same area of ​​the wood, 1/6 of the glass and 1/7 of the aluminum, which is greatly reduced Building load and cost, due to the large amount of air in the middle interlayer, it can be soundproof (the sound insulation of air can reach 30dB), heat insulation (thermal resistance can reach 0.02 (㎡·K/W)), no combustible materials, and the fire rating can reach B1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, no harmful gas release, high specific strength per unit mass, high specific rigidity (structure rigidity is 1.7 times that of ribs), not easy to deform, completely overcome the deformation and middle collapse of other decorative panels when a single block is large It is easy to process and apply, and can be cut and folded at will. The surface fluorocarbon coating can guarantee the product life of more than 30 years. The surface of the aluminum honeycomb panel has extremely high flatness and good seismic performance, which is only one-eighth of the proportion of the glass curtain wall. 1. The load of 22mm thick standard parts can reach more than 700 kilograms when 1 meter is simply supported and the deflection is 10mm.


After the surface is treated with a fluorocarbon resin with strong corrosion resistance, it can be widely used in the decoration of the curtain wall, roof, large-scale facade signboard and interior wall of the building. The front aluminum panel of the aluminum honeycomb panel adopts PVDF fluorocarbon baking varnish that meets the quality standards of E. C. C. A. It is divided into ordinary color and metallic color. Therefore, the surface also has excellent weather resistance. Innovations that follow natural products often imitate the structure and form of nature. Human inventions and creations are all inspired by nature and adapt to the requirements of nature. Aluminum honeycomb panel has been widely used in building exterior wall decoration due to its light weight, high strength, high rigidity and many other advantages.


The weight of the honeycomb sandwich panel with the same rigidity is only 1/5 of that of aluminum and 1/10 of that of steel. The aluminum honeycomb panel with a total thickness of 15mm, a panel of 1.0mm, and a base of 0.8mm, weighs only 6 kg/m2. The interconnected honeycomb cores are like countless I-beams. The core layer is distributed and fixed in the entire board surface, which is not easy to produce shear, which makes the board more stable, more resistant to bending and compression, and its wind pressure resistance greatly exceeds that of aluminum-plastic Plate and aluminum veneer, and have the characteristics of not easy to deform, good flatness, even if the honeycomb panel is large in size, it can achieve extremely high flatness. Because the honeycomb core in the honeycomb composite panel is divided into many closed cells, it prevents In addition to the air flow, the heat and sound waves are greatly hindered, therefore, it has the effect of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation. It can reach 20-30dB for 100-3200HZ sound source, and the thermal conductivity is 0.104-0.130W/M.K. Therefore, the energy absorption capacity of aluminum honeycomb panel is 150-3500KJ/M² it is an ideal energy-saving material.


In case of heavy rain, when the raindrops hit the aluminum veneer or aluminum-plastic panel, the noise is particularly loud, and the honeycomb panel avoids this situation. Aluminum honeycomb panels generally use fluorocarbon roll-coated aluminum panels as panels. The most important point of the fluorocarbon roll-coated aluminum sheet is the continuous roll coating process. The aluminum sheet is painted at one time to ensure that the product has no color difference, good coating leveling, and reliable quality. At the same time, it can maintain the bright color of the outer wall of the building for a long time. After long-term exposure to the sun and rain or industrial waste gas pollution, it is obvious that the roll-coated sheet is cleaner and brighter than the spray-coated sheet, and has good adhesion and weather resistance. It is recognized by the world's architects as the first-class material.

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