How to judge the quality grade of aluminum veneer

How to judge the quality grade of aluminum veneer


How to judge the quality grade of aluminum veneer? In the purchase of aluminum veneer products, we must first learn how to judge the quality of aluminum veneer products. It is necessary to understand what kind of aluminum veneer is in what grade, and only this way Only when we can buy high-quality aluminum veneer products with exquisite workmanship, what method will we use to judge during the purchase?


First of all, we need to look at the material of the aluminum veneer. The quality of the bad aluminum veneer is definitely unqualified. The grade of aluminum veneer products processed with such materials is definitely very low. Therefore, we must Looking at the material, the common aluminum veneer materials for the general aluminum veneer manufacturers only have ordinary aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles, and aluminum-manganese alloy profiles. From the perspective of hardness, the above three materials decrease in order.


Then refer to the surface treatment method of aluminum veneer. There are many surface treatment methods for aluminum veneer, including spraying, roller coating, laminating, and baking varnish. The grade can be judged from here, spraying and baking varnish treatment. The aluminum veneer material has a relatively short service life, and there will be chromatic aberrations in the surface treatment. The color of the product under the roller coating treatment is uniform, but it needs to be decorated before the actual style. It is not easy to fade and change color. Basically, it can guarantee a stable and color-changing effect for 10 years.


The grade of aluminum veneer products can be judged from the above aspects. Choose the grade according to your own needs. Of course, in addition to this, the production process of aluminum veneer products is also very important. Plate products will also directly affect the useful life, so be sure to choose a good supplier of aluminum veneer products.

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