New building material aluminum veneer is a pioneer in environmental protection

New building material aluminum veneer is a pioneer in environmental protection


Aluminum veneer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy sheet through various processes. The surface sprayed with fluorocarbon coating is a new type of building material. With the development and progress of social economy, urbanization has become more extensive and people's quality of life has improved accordingly. Due to the needs of urbanization, many high-rise buildings have been built in many places, but the amount of construction waste generated by these buildings nationwide each year is staggering. It is an environmentally friendly building material with a recycling rate of 100%, and it is the most commonly used new type of decorative material today.


Construction waste is a potential danger. In some places, power is used for personal gain, privately contracting a place to a third party, and unrestrained stacking of construction waste seriously threatens the lives of nearby residents. The construction waste has not been properly handled. The loose construction waste piled into mountains may cause disasters once it rains. Therefore, the disposal of construction waste is the most urgent task at present. To prevent the disorder and ensure the citizens The security is the first.


To reduce construction waste, you can also use some more environmentally friendly construction materials or use some materials that do not generate too much construction waste. Aluminum veneer is a good choice. Aluminum veneer is resistant to various pollutants, has strong corrosion resistance and high hardness. The most important thing is that the recovery rate of aluminum veneer is high. Even if it is inappropriate, it can be recycled. , Is currently the most environmentally friendly building material.


Aluminum veneer can also be made into different shapes, for example, it can be made into ceilings, curtain walls, etc. The aluminum veneer can be made into various complex three-dimensional shapes and sprayed personalized patterns that customers need with strong craftsmanship. Aluminum veneer has many advantages, new environmental protection has been the most important trend in the minds of modern people.

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