Why do you choose metal carved panels for exterior wall decoration now?

The outer layer of the surface material of Haoruida metal carving board is a metal layer, which is pressed from aluminized zinc steel plate, and the coating adopts a steel plate coating that is resistant to aging, corrosion and long-term use. The core material is a flame-retardant high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer, which integrates heat preservation, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and high hardness, which is unmatched by ordinary foamed polyurethane. In addition, the bottom material is made of water-resistant fiberglass cloth, which can prevent water vapor from intruding into the board and building walls, and reflect the heat source of the house to increase the insulation effect.


The reason why metal carved panels are used in current building exterior wall decoration is because:


1. The good heat preservation and heat insulation performance of metal carved panels can greatly reduce heating and cooling energy consumption and save energy expenditure.


2. The metal carved board is fire-retardant, three-proof and three-guaranteed, and no toxic gas is generated.


3. The metal carved board is waterproof and moisture-proof to avoid structural damage caused by rain, snow, and freeze-thaw objects. After installation, the possibility of water seepage on the wall can be removed.


4. The metal carved board has heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and the inside is an independent air-tight bubble structure, which has a good sound insulation effect.


5. The metal carving board can be constructed quickly, cost-saving, and the installation method is simple, and it is not restricted by the seasonal climate and geographical environment.


6. The metal carved board is environmentally friendly, durable, non-polluting, stable in chemical and physical structure, and does not decompose and mold.


7. The metal carved board is anti-seismic and anti-crack, light in weight, high in strength, and good in impact resistance, which reduces the burden of the building itself.


8. There are many decorations of metal carved panels, and the combination of real embossed patterns and rich colors gives more space for architectural design.


9. There are many kinds of metal carved panels, there are more than 100 varieties of brick, stone, marble, etc., and there are more than 50 colors to choose from.


10. The metal carving board has a wide range of applications, such as renovation and renovation of old buildings, indoor and outdoor decoration, and various new buildings. It can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, and decorative panels.


11. The outer layer of the metal carved plate is galvanized steel plate, which has a long service life and will not take into account the problems of rust or falling off.


12. The metal carved panel is cost-effective. The cost of the panel project is one-third of the cost of the aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall project, and the decorative effect is relatively good.


The metal carved board has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation, waterproof and flame retardant, light weight, shock resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, beautiful and durable. The board body is simple to assemble, convenient for construction, not restricted by the seasonal environment, and suitable for all seasons.

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