Hollow hollow aluminum veneer

As an engraving technique, hollowing requires superb and meticulous craftsmanship. The designer boldly incorporates this element into the decoration of modern buildings as our individual decorative art.


The hollow aluminum veneer carving can quickly extend the flat panel to a deep sense of space, which has the function of light transmission and warmth.


Variations of different patterns, sizes and dense holes make the surface of the object dynamic, combined with different shapes and environments to carry out special-shaped treatment, hollow aluminum veneer carving makes the lines smoother and softer, breaking through the traditional modeling concept, and becoming more and more suitable Various modern clubs, office buildings and many other occasions, as a vibrant fashion family, have built an endless space for thinking. The hollow aluminum veneer carving is indeed a new and durable new form of decoration.


The processing complexity of the hollow aluminum veneer carving of Haorui Da (Tangshan) Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is the hollow aluminum veneer processing program. Input the parameters into the CNC machine tool, and the overall parameters into the CNC machine tool engraving machine, and the CNC machine tool will automatically hollow out and engrave it. ,


We need hollow aluminum veneer carved curtain wall decoration materials, hollow aluminum veneer carving process, on-site measurement of size, design, drawing, factory cutting, cutting, punching angle, hollow carving out various patterns.


The automated cutting solution we obtained can increase material consumption, extend working hours and increase corporate profits.


All our standardized machines are created entirely on-site in the factory, which enables us to still pay attention to every manufacturing detail from the creation of the manufacturing concept to the shipment of the machine, and it is recommended to achieve a low level of quality to ensure stable manufacturing. , Reliable low-quality products. Hollow aluminum veneer carvings are precisely processed by advanced CNC engraving machines, laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses and other equipment in accordance with the design drawings.


As a kind of carving art, hollow aluminum veneer carving requires exquisite craftsmanship. Now more and more architectural designers have incorporated the fashionable element of hollowing into architectural decoration, which not only enriches the decorative arts, but also enriches people's living spaces.

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