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Curtain wall decorative aluminum veneer products are divided into many types in terms of shape design and surface treatment. Among them, punching technology is used to determine its beautiful and generous product-perforated aluminum veneer, which can often be seen in indoor and outdoor design and decoration, because Its distinctive appearance design and its own characteristics have been accepted by too many people. What effect can the fireproof and sound insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of the perforated aluminum veneer bring to the design of decorative walls?  


Haorui Da (Tangshan) Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Curtain Wall Perforated Aluminum Sheet


1. Perforated aluminum panels to decorate building curtain walls can make urban buildings look full of cultural three-dimensionality, because the existence of holes enhances its functional decoration effects such as penetration and light transmission.


2. Its punching can make the interior design achieve a good ventilation, light enhancement and sound insulation and noise reduction effects.


3. The perforated aluminum plate has strong properties and can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor curtain wall decorations. It has a long service life and can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial to environmental protection.


The advantages of perforated aluminum veneer building curtain walls are far more than those mentioned above. There are too many advantages and light weight. The difficulty coefficient of installation by construction workers is reduced. The key is environmental protection, which meets the theme of today's society. style.


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