How powerful is aluminum after it is used to make furniture? There is no need to worry about plate fraud, and solve the pain points of many traditional furniture!

Horida (Tangshan) Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. takes you to see the future. The reason why all-aluminum home furnishings quickly became popular is because of the revolutionary advantages of the product itself, which can solve many traditional panel furniture decoration pain points.


Those pits of traditional decoration:


Nowadays, products emerge in endlessly, using advertisements to attract a large number of consumers to buy low-quality solid wood furniture, and even fake solid wood furniture made of wood-based panels. After several months of use, consumers will find that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, severely damaged, and accessories fall off. problem.


Even if it is a decoration, there is one thing, you must understand that if the material of the board is not good, or the environmental protection is poor, it will affect your own health and the overall quality of the home improvement.


Plate fraud:


In the after-sales process, these consumers often have nowhere to sell after-sales. Some shops are closed and no merchants can be found. Some are no longer selling with fake brands, and even more often they are not recognized by changing brands. These problems are not uncommon.


The solid wood furniture purchased at a high price is frequently recruited. What is the reason?


Trap 1, the purchase is not 100% solid wood.


Generally speaking, solid wood furniture is divided into 100% pure solid wood furniture and board-wood combined furniture. There are two situations in board-wood combined furniture. One is solid wood veneer: the inner core is pressed by shavings, and the outside is pure solid wood veneer.


Just imagine, how good is material that consumers can’t see with real content?


Trap 2, wood is stolen and replaced by shoddy.


Because there are many types of wood, there are many kinds of wood. There are many pitfalls in the use of wood. Under the cover of paint, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the material.


Trap 3, deformed and cracked.


There must be moisture in the wood. Wood products will continue to dry out slowly during use, shrinking, deforming or even cracking, and there will be loose tenons and cracks in the jigsaw.


All-aluminum home transparent decoration


Someone may ask: How can aluminum be used to make furniture? Does the image of an aluminum alloy cabinet emerge in front of you, with a gray metal feeling, without the breath of life?


The popularity of all-aluminum homes is obvious to all. With the increasing popularity of the market, many high-end hotels have used all-aluminum cabinets, and the owners’ homes have installed all-aluminum homes.


The reason why all-aluminum home furnishings quickly became popular is because of the revolutionary advantages of the product itself, which can solve many traditional panel furniture decoration pain points.


1. All-aluminum household furniture is made of all-aluminum alloy materials. They are all fixed by plugging, welding, screws, etc., no adhesives are used, and almost no formaldehyde, which is much more environmentally friendly than traditional panel furniture.


2. The aluminum profile used in all-aluminum home furnishings has strong heat resistance. Its material surface can even withstand a high temperature of 100°C, completely avoiding the problems of deformation and cracking like wooden furniture.


3. The degree of static bending, nail holding power and internal bonding strength of all-aluminum furniture are more than 4 times that of traditional wood materials, but the weight is only 60% of traditional boards.


4. After many tests, it has been found that the all-aluminum furniture has superior immersion and peeling performance (after immersion and drying, whether the adhesive layer has peeled off and the degree of peeling), and it can be repeatedly cleaned. The unique hard surface of the aluminum profile also prevents the home from being attacked by cockroaches and termites.


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The all-aluminum home with so many advantages, still not taking action? Solve the decoration formaldehyde troubles directly from the source.

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